Gren Smoke Review

Other day my good old, sorry, new but cheap, electronic cigarette packed up, after only six months of use. I completely stopped smoking real tobacco and transitioned to e cigarettes. To be honest, I cough much less now and as I turned 45 I thought I should start taking care of my health a bit more. I read tons of reviews and watched about twenty seven e-cig review videos on YouTube and finally found a Green Smoke reviews which explained how real users perceive this cigarette.

I liked that review because it talks about little things that one just doesn't get from marketing brochures. And there is about a dozen comments from people who tried the Green Smoke electric cigarette and know about it first hand. As a matter of hand people who bought Green Smoke cigarette had a whole range of experiences. Some good, some bad, as one would expect. But that is only realistic.

Ok, what I found about this model is that, on positive side: it is well built, it has a good customer support (lots of people returned broken batteries and got replacements, no questions asked!), battery lasts whole day and it has strong throat kick. On the downside it is: a bit heavy and bit bigger (for some people that is bad feature), produces too much vapor.

Finally, after comparing NJOY, BluCig and Green Smoke from various reviews, I came to conclusion that GreenSmoke is right for me, because it is a bit on heavy side and bit more robust. I am not really an armchair person, I spend lots of time around a town and I carry those cigs in pockets, glove compartments and toolboxes. So these e cigarettes will get kicked a lot.

Apart from that, they are all really the same ;-)

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